Tisscare FAQ

1. Will this fit a man’s foot size 12? (What is the foot size recommended?)

Because the massage area is open, there are not limitation for the foot size. But in order to get maximum massage experience, this foot massager fits for size 12. if you are oversize, you also can use it, but maybe you will not get massage for your whole foot .

2. Does this massage for arches and heels?

Of course yes! For this foot massager, it can massage all of the foot. Besides, you can also use it for ankle, calves and arms. It will help you to get the maximum relaxation.

3. Does this massage the sides and bottom of foot?

Yes. For the sides, you can enjoy the air compression and heat function, it can warm your feet and help with blood circulation and pain relief. For the bottom of foot, with deep kneading, rolling and shiatsu massage modes,  this foot massager can help to keep your foot and body wellness.

4. Can you purchase extra foot sleeves?

You don’t need to purchase extra foot sleeves, it is removable, you can remove and wash it after several use to keep it clean.

5. Can the heating or compression massage function be turned off/on individually?

For this massager’s function, there are rolling, ,shiatsu, heating, air compression, you can turn off/on as you like.

6. Can the heating or compression massage function be turned off/on individually?

If you are sensitive, for first use, it is recommended to wear on one pair of thick socks, or you can massage 5 minutes for first use then add the time after several uses. This foot massager for neuropathy target the foot reflex zones and massage points to improve your foot wellness. Maybe you will feel pain, take it easy, it’s the electric foot massager showing its function. You will feel the physical relaxation and pain relief obviously after frequently uses. 

7. Can I use the foot massager in the office?

Yes, for this foot massager, you can use it under the desk in office. Besides, you can use it in home to get the relaxation.

8. What is the warranty on this foot massager?

For warranty, we can offer 12 months, if there are some question about the machine, you can contact with us anytime and we will help you to solve it as soon as possible.

9. Can I use this to massage my feet while laying down?

Sure!  With adjustable stand bar, you can adjust the angle of the machine as you like, helping you work the muscles of your feet, ankles, or calves.

10. Can you purchase a Remote?

The foot massager is come with remote. You don’t need to buy it. If it get damage in the future, please contact with the customer service, they will help to solve it.

Tisscare FAQ