How to treat neck shoulder pain

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What Causes Neck And Shoulder Pain?

Our neck is made of muscles, ligaments, bones, and cervical discs that all work together to ensure your head moves and functions normally. Thus, any abnormality that affects one of these structures can lead to neck pain or stiffness.

The most common causes of neck pain include inappropriate sleeping position, sports-related injury, and poor posture. The last one is best exemplified by office workers or gamers who spend crazy hours in front of their computers while in a slumped position.

Other possible causes of neck pain are the following:

  • Trauma from accidents;
  • Degenerative diseases like arthritis.
  • Tumors.
  • Any abnormality in the neck bone or joints.

More often than not, pain in the neck also involves the shoulders as the two are connected through the trapezius muscle. The shoulder is particularly vulnerable to injuries because of the mobility of its ball and socket joint.

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How To Treat Neck And Shoulder Pain?

Treatment for the neck and shoulder pain depends on the severity of the condition. It can range from anti-inflammatory medications or pain relievers to surgical procedures in cases involving nerve roots or the spinal cord.

Because of the risks that go along with medications and invasive procedures, more and more patients are now resorting to complementary therapy for pain relief. This includes massage therapy given by trained therapists who know how to safely manipulate the neck and shoulder muscles.

Equally effective are devices designed to mimic the actions of the therapist’s fingers and hands. The best massager for neck and shoulder pain is lightweight and portable, providing you the convenience of getting a relaxing massage without relying on someone else’s hands.

In more serious cases, however, a traditional approach is required. If your neck pain persists for more than a week and is accompanied by alarming symptoms, please consult your doctor immediately.

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